Feb 29, 2016 Meeting-Madison, WI
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Scotty Rorek
Feb 29, 2016 Meeting-Madison, WI

Monday Feb. 29, 2016
Unity of Madison Church
601 Tompkins Dr.
Madison, WI
6:30 pm

This meeting will be led by psychic medium Scotty Rorek. The main topic for the evening is psychometry, which is the ability to sense information about a person or situation to which an object is related.

Please bring a few personal objects with you in a bag that will not allow others to see the items. We will be practicing psychometry by trying to sense the owner of the object by holding it.


Our purpose is to organize and unite people locally and globally to advance the understanding and acceptance of psychic perception and ability. This is done through outreach, support, education, service, and research.

Psychics Unite is a safe place to share what you experience and how it effects you. This group is for everyone from those just seeking to understand what they, or a person they know, is experiencing, to those who have been involved in psychic work for decades. Even skeptics are welcome!

We will also have time at the end for socializing and networking with new like-minded friends. You are welcome to share business cards and other service information about yourself or others you find helpful.

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