Scotty Rorek

Scotty Rorek 
Psychic Medium /  Teacher

Scotty Rorek is a psychic medium whose mission is to bring spiritual understanding to people searching for answers. He works toward that mission through education, medium-ship, and mentoring.

Mr. Rorek provides insightful lectures at paranormal/psychic conventions.

As a medium, Mr. Rorek provides messages to many people for their comfort, assurance, and guidance, both as individual and group readings. His medium-ship has also been featured in the Booth Brothers’ documentary “Children of the Grave 2.” and soon a documentary “Lilly’s Cry” a Ghost Walk Studios film.

Because of Mr. Rorek’s experience with his psychic perceptions, he often guides and mentors others who are trying to understand and use their own psychic abilities. His care and concern for others is central to his mission.

Psychic Medium Devin Evans

Devin Evans
Psychic Medium –  Teacher

Devin Evans, a compassionate leader with a passion for soul-mission-ownership and personal growth. She believes in the transformative power of connection, challenge, and support to propel our experience of claiming the lives we really want.

With 20 years of corporate experience and 15 years of holistic energy work experience, she is excited to offer intuitive insight to and practical support toward your clarity and growth. On her path, embracing leadership and spiritually has connected her to her own authentic truth.

Through this work, she is passionate about offering connection and inspiration to others promoting progress toward goals and dreams and preventing overwhelm.

Jenn Hodgson

Jenn Hodgson
Psychic Medium –  REIKI Master – Teacher

Jenn Hodgson had experiences with the spiritual realm at an early age. Not only did she see spirits, but she knew things about events or people without being told. She thought everyone could do this. She thought it was a natural part of life. This ability along with many others are with her today.

Her Qualifications And Studies include: Past Life Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Ki Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, Angelic Healing Practitioner, Color Psychology and Chakras, Earth Angel Diploma, Munay Ki Practitioner, Shamanic Journeying, Shadow Work, Space Clearing, Life Coach/Spiritual Life Coach, Automatic Writing, Channeling, Palmistry, Oracle/tarot card reading, Psychic/Mediumship Development, Chakra Healing/Cleansing, Numerology, Mudras, Akashic Records, Dowsing (Pendulum, Dowsing rods), Spirit Guide/Angel/God/Goddess connections, Personal Trainer, Yoga Training, Tai Chi, Aromatherapy, CBD Oil Training, Herbalist, Trance Psychic Mediumship, and Meditation.

Christopher Sutton

Coyote Christopher Sutton
Shamanic Practitioner – Reader

Coyote Chris Sutton is a shamanic practitioner/paranormal investigator who began his spiritual journey over 25 years ago and has since worked to help others to bring harmony to their lives and to uncover the spiritual gifts that each person possesses. Chris is a member of the Red Cedar Circle of SW Illinois that follows the Si-Si Wiss medicine tradition of the Pacific Northwest Coast, as shared by Johnny Moses (Whis-tem-en-nee) and he has received teachings in other shamanic traditions, including the Lakota medicine path.

He has been trained in many of the psychic arts, including numerology, tarot, and dowsing. Chris began doing paranormal investigations in 1998, primarily using his shamanic skills, and focuses on helping people who are having problems with negative paranormal events. He strives to bring light to the darkest places and is often called upon to deal with difficult personal and paranormal problems.

In 2018 the show “On Sacred Ground?” premiered on the internet programming site VidiSpace on the Haunted Space with Coyote Chris as it’s host. In 2020 the interview series “Shock and Awe: The Spiritual Journey of Coyote Chris Sutton” premiered on VidiSpace where Chris tells in detail how he found and practices his spiritual path. A book with the same title that contains the interview and additional details is now available on Amazon. In 2019 Coyote Chris appeared on “Ghost Adventures” (“Curse of the Riverbend: The Mineral Spings Hotel”). He has also appeared on “Dead Files Revisited” in 2013 (“Evil Underground and Killed by the Klan”) and “Ghost Lab” in 2009 (“If Walls Could Talk”). Coyote Chris often appears as a guest on radio shows and podcasts in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. He can also frequently be found appearing and presenting at paranormal and spiritual events across the country.

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