Psychics Unite was founded in Madison, WI in 2015.

We hold free local meetings to provide support, education, networking, and service opportunities for the psychic community.  We are adding local meetings throughout the United States. If you would like to lead or attend a meeting but don’t have one near you, please contact us at to open up a group for you.

We will soon be expanding to provide multiple online services for those with psychic abilities.


To organize and unite people locally and globally to advance the understanding and acceptance of
psychic perception and ability. This is done through outreach, support, education, service, and research.


To find people who are looking for help and answers.


To provide encouragement, validation, and social support.


To educate people about the various forms of perception, their benefits, and how
to control and use them.


To unite those with psychic abilities for the purpose of serving local and global communities
in ways that best utilize their gifts.


To create a large enough database of subjects in each psychic category to perform valid
research on the nature and process of their perception.


“When a woman shared with me the story of her near-death experience and the psychic
abilities that followed, she seemed so relieved to tell someone who would listen and
validate her. I asked,“Do you have anyone else to talk to about this?”
She looked at me as though she were about to cry and said, “No, I don’t.”
I knew that there must be millions of people who, like her, have abilities but have no one to
turn to for help, answers, or support. That is where the idea for Psychics Unite started…”   Terri

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