Christopher Sutton

Coyote Chris Sutton

Coyote Chris Sutton has been a Shaman for over 25 years and a Paranormal Investigator since 1998.

His main goal in either instance is to help others,be they human, spirit, animal, or any other denizen of Mother Earth.

Coyote Chris is also a musician, storyteller, show host, convention/workshop presenter, and he’s even been on a couple of TV shows.

Coyote Chris is available to help individuals with spiritual and paranormal issues, be a part of paranormal investigations and events, attend and present at spiritual and paranormal conventions, and bring stories, music, and teachings to any situation.

His motto is “Bringing Light to the Darkest Places” and he carries the light wherever he goes.

Shamanism: In my practice I work with the energies of the earth and sky and with the wisdom of my spirit guides to do the best I can to help others. Basically, that’s my purpose in anything I do. I use the teachings I’ve received over the years to do shamanic healing work, which involves cleansing the person with smudge, pulling out negative energies that have entered the body, and then bringing in the light of Spirit into the person that will bring about the healing. My psychic work is also based on my shamanic teaching as I use my energy to mingle with a client’s so that I can learn what needs to be known about the person so I can deliver the messages that the person needs to hear. I am not a fortune teller as my readings are spiritual in nature and meant to help the client see their higher potential.

Paranormal Investigations: My shamanic training permeates everything I do and investigating the paranormal and elemental is no exception. When I began ghost hunting in 1998, I used my abilities to reach out with my energy to find and try to communicate with entities. Not much has changed over the years except that I do use some gadgets to make communication easier and to show others what is going on. I do this work not to prove the existence of ghosts, but to help any soul in any world if I can. In recent years I’ve had more and more experiences with elementals and other earth spirits which has led me to investigate more outside of haunted locations where the spirits of those before us mingle with the elemental entities. On many occasions I have been asked to do house cleansings where I go through each room and smudge, bring in the light of spirit, and seal the work until the house is made wholesome again.

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