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The purpose of Psychics Unite is to organize and unite people both locally and globally to advance the understanding and acceptance of psychic perception. This is done through outreach, support, education, service, and research. We welcome those who are just beginning their journey, and those who are professional psychic, mediums, remote viewers, psychic healers. Basically anyone with the propensity for PSI, or with skills, wanting to expand, understand, and research PSI (any parapsychological such as psychic phenomenon, as psychokinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, or the like)
This is a drama free, criticism free zone, and no negativity will be tolerated. This is to a be safe and welcoming place for those of us who want to learn and grow in our gifts and to be of service to others.
We are an ever growing and learning group that meet to exchange ideas and experiences for the advancement of personal development. We are open to any and all who desire to learn, experience, and teach. Our meetings are open to any and all who are psychics, mediums, who are interested in learning and or developing their abilities, those who have questions or are curious about psychic phenomena. 
Terri Rorek

Terri Rorek

Founder / Executive Director

Scotty Rorek

Scotty Rorek

Psychic Medium, Organizational Advisory Team

Psychic Medium Devin Evans

Devin Evans

Psychic Medium, Organizational Advisory Team, Chapter Director

People sitting in front of Psychics Unite sign
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